Our goals

We hope to give the people of Kansas a better option for their auction needs. Here at JG Auction we are dedicated to providing the best service we possibly can. Since our start up in 2018 we have focused solely on how we can change the auction business for the better. Auctions have for the most part stayed the same for quite some time. Like anything else, there is room for improvement.

the founder of Jg auction

My name is Jared Gumescheimer, I am the founder of JG Auction LLC. Ever since I was very young I have been fascinated by the auction chant. As I grew older I began to try and mimic those men up on the mic. I practiced day and night, month after month, year after year. Until my day finally came. I was at a National Wild Turkey Federation banquet that had a benefit auction. A local auctioneer was doing the business and I had asked if I could get up there to give it a shot. From the first time I looked out at the hundreds of people with that microphone in my hand, knees shaking, running out of breathe, I knew. I knew that i had foundĀ  my niche. Auctioneering and owning my own auction company has been my passion ever since that night.

Give us a chance to work for you.

We are not the oldest company around. We don't have decades of experience. But there is no one who will work for you as hard as we will.